GDPR Procedures

GDPR Procedures

At the flower shop we receive personal data through different mediums;

  • Interflora
  • Web site orders
  • Orders over the phone
  • Customers placing order in the shop

The information we receive is solely used for The Flower Shop and Interflora, to enable us to send flowers and contact customers regarding their order.  No information is sold or shared with any other party.

We will add recipients’ names and address to a delivery sheet, which is used by our drivers when delivering flowers.  These sheets are kept away from customers, and names and address are covered when the driver is using the sheet to ensure that data kept private.

All order forms and delivery sheets are stored in a file away from customers and are locked away in filling cabinet at the end of each day.

Any personal data which is on any order in the shop awaiting to be delivered or collected is kept out of view from our customer by being placed the opposite way around.

Our website orders are kept on a password protected computer.

We keep order forms and delivery sheets for 3 months and then we shred all the information.